4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Virtual Business Card


You might be one of those people who think that having a virtual business card is a new fad and that it will pass over soon. If so, we’ve something that might make you reconsider.

Here are some interesting facts about digital business cards you would benefit from knowing.

Standard paper business cards are slowly losing their impact as time moves forward. More people are opting to use smartphone’s, in the year 2019, about 1.52 billion units were sold throughout the entirety of the United States. With a population of around 3.2 billion, that would leave one smartphone between every two people in a single year.

Source: Statista.

With such positive stats backing you why wouldn’t you go for a digital business card?

Showing pro after pro with every coming day, digital cards are quite simply the path to the future. Here are some facts to prove this:

  1. The number of companies that use digital business cards:

From Google to Apple, Tesla to target, there are over thousands of multi-billion dollar companies that use digital business cards. If they use it you know there has got to be a reason why. Those reasons are pretty clear.

Simply having a card working similar to the officials of such massive firms won’t just make you look formal, but also feel formal. With such big names using digital cards, people have more than begun to trust them. You can feel confident that your customers and fellow businessmen will know you looking at that card.

  1. The unlimited customizability:

Standard paper cards have got nothing on digital cards when it comes to customizability, Digital cards can restrict the amount of data a user can view.

You can add, remove, or manipulate data at any time.

Change of address? It’s got you covered, a new contact detail? Just type it out!

Most cards have the added benefits of being able to keep a separation between your personal and business life with hundreds of salient features for each purpose.

Be it to link awards, websites, and emails as well as other contacts or simply add your hobbies and other important details to tell your friends.

With such vast freedom in customizability and adaptability, why would you not want to pick such an innovation?

If these don’t interest you enough, the hundreds of other documents you can attach to it with just a few clicks of a button might just save you from several hours of paperwork.

  1. The Freedom to design:

Most if not every single digital business card has been custom designed by the buyer. With perfectly cut company insignia and polish added to make every single card look so much more special.

With the ability to add your special details and cuts to your card, you can make the card itself something worth marveling at.

These cards can also have no details whatsoever on the face of the card as it is essentially completely digital. There even exist metallic cards that can be etched using a laser.

You may even have your own graphic designers make the card which will be later adapted, with absolute precision, onto the card.

  1. The additional benefits:

Believe it or not, digital business cards can aid you incredibly well when it comes to managing and taking inventory of invoices and other such details, by simply adding them to your app.

You can also manage your meetings and other business calls, you can take all of this data in a single tap of your card or easy online means. This isn’t all. You can keep tabs on company expenditure and other incredibly useful stats and data with the comfort of such cards throughout your firm.

All of this coupled with the incredible environmental advantages of the digital card make it a more than optimal replacement for digital cards.

O if you’re confused about whether to pick between standard or digital business cards for your organization, this article should have hopefully educated you about some of the basic advantages of using an electronic business card. Remember the popularity, freedom of customizability and design, both external and internal as well as the environmental, logical, and efficiency benefits when making your decision.


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