Are LED or HID Headlights Better for My Truck?


Are LED or HID Headlights Better for My Truck?

Modern headlights offer long-lasting performance and vibrant lighting. However, it can be difficult to choose between LED and HID headlights. Find out the pros and cons of these popular bulbs and learn how to change a headlight to enjoy an easy and affordable DIY project.

Benefits of LED

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient option for your truck’s headlights. Whether you’re replacing conventional halogen or HID bulbs, these lights are going to be far more efficient. Individual LEDs aren’t going to provide the lighting you need, so these headlights include a group of individual lights. This allows manufacturers to customize headlights with the ideal amount and spacing of diodes.

HID lights cause a glare that can distract other drivers. This bright light can create dangerous situations for other individuals on the road, so LED can also be a safer option in some instances. Choose this modern lighting for your truck’s headlights and enjoy between 5,000 and 25,000 hours of light.

These lights illuminate immediately after you turn them on. HID lights can take as long as 30 seconds to light up. LED lights are durable and vibration-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about off-roading adventures or other impacts damaging your investment.

Benefits of HID

Another modern alternative to halogen is HID, or high-intensity discharge lamp. These headlights often have a blue tone, but they can also come with an intense white light. HID headlights are the brightest option available for your truck. Whether you choose Mercury, Metal Halide, Sodium or Xenon, you can enjoy plenty of illumination in even the darkest driving situations.

This technology is more affordable than LED lighting, so you won’t have to pay as much for HID replacement headlights. Order them online and select in store pickup for car parts to save even more. The upfront investment of LED makes them a difficult choice for truck owners on a budget. They may not have the same lifetime, but they can produce powerful light for longer than traditional halogen bulbs.

HID bulbs are a better pick if you’re looking to maximize your lighting. Up to 3,000 Lumens ensures you see clearly as you travel down the highway or a back road. You may not have as many color options available, but you can still select from a few color temperatures to find the headlights you like.

Changing Your Headlights

As long as you choose a compatible bulb size you can enjoy either of these headlight options in your truck. Follow your service manual to safely remove a burnt-out bulb and replace it with your choice of the headlight bulb. Both of these types are easy to connect to your existing headlight assembly or can be purchased as a full replacement headlight assembly kit.

Choosing the Right Headlights

Both of these headlights are popular options for trucks. Depending on your driving style and budget, both can provide efficient lighting and long-lasting convenience. Shop online to compare prices and brands. Select headlights that match your specific make, model, and year of truck for hassle-free DIY installation in the comfort of your own garage.


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