Parental control apps have gained popularity with the increasing busyness of people. Millennial parents are particularly dependent upon it for rearing their kids.

Well, there are some very valid reasons for it. First and foremost, modern parents are not doing the sole job of raising their children. They have a career and want to have kids, too. Is it a bad idea?

Yes, if you consider it necessary for one of the parents to leave their job to perform this big duty. And no, if you are a millennial who is motivated to do all of this in the only life you’re awarded.

FamilyTime android parental control app endorses this idea and includes every feature to empower parents so that they can manage all of their activities more smartly and efficiently.

The digital world needs quick digital solutions for every problem. A parental app is a solution for the maximum of your parenting problems if it offers the right features. Here is why FamilyTime takes that place in the heart of modern parents.

  1. The Most Feature-Rich App 

FamilyTime provides a lot of specs that are meant for different purposes and parenting needs. This is the main reason why this app takes the lead over other apps. Not just that, the customizability of its features gives a very personalized experience to parents.

Other apps only come close to as many specificities as this app has. Even if they cover most of its features, most of them have not been able to provide a personalized experience. For example, the maximum they would have is some categories. In short, they do not offer enough options for you to have the settings for your child just as you want. FamilyTime is the opposite of that. It provides you a platform, assists you through it and everything is in your hands.

  1. Customized Time Schedules and Screen Time Limits

When you are at work or doing a gym, what assures you that your children would not touch their phones except for the hours you have set for them?

Well, they would not stop themselves from using it. That’s why we call them kids. With FamilyTime, you can not only limit their screen time but also put customized schedules to allow them their devices only during specific hours.

For example, do not allow them to use their devices during study hours, mealtime, or anytime you want. Now, whether you are at work or the gym, their device will automatically not work during prohibited hours or after the daily time limit is met, except for some important contacts like you.

  1. Personalized Web Filters and App Control Features

You cannot stop your children from using the internet, right? It is a source of information and learning for them. But can you trust the web for showing your kid only the age-appropriate content? Never!

However, FamilyTime has won the trust of millions of parents. You can customize the search results and block all the websites and topics that are adult or inappropriate in any terms.

Moreover, the apps like social media and gaming that make your child addicted to them or are showing unhealthy content are a big problem.

FamilyTime offers amazing control features for them too including scheduling individual app usage and blocking them individually.

  1. Child Safety Features

This effort really needs to be applauded. These features make you connected to your child all the time to keep them safe and secure. One of these features is panic alert. It allows your children to give you an alert if they are in trouble or emergency. With just a tap, you get to know about their situation and location. So, you can get to them immediately.

  1. Instant Lock Features

These features are made to fit the specific family needs and to shape your kids’ behavior for the better. For example, to teach your child to leave the phone when needed and focus on the tasks that are more important. It can be a family gathering, lunchtime, or bedtime. Instant lock features will make them learn the importance of doing the right things at the right time and you can have them do what they should be doing at the moment.

These are just the main features of this parental control app. You can get all the details from its official website. Moreover, you can download it for free from the App Store or Play Store.

Be a proud parent!


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