Floor Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment in Chicago

Professional cleaning team wiping the floor using mops in the flat

Floor Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment in Chicago 

Life is always a mess, whether you are living in Chicago or any other luxurious residence. Every household has a different mess and is based on your kids, pets, lifestyle, and many other factors. But the basic recommendation that everyone needs to keep their floorings clean is to sweep daily, vacuum at the weekends, and carry out a deep clean once a month. So, after you’ve checked out Chicago Apartments for rent, make sure to train yourself about cleanliness.

When you intend to do the bigger cleaning job of your floors, you have to make preparations and follow vital steps. There are several cleaning procedures for your floors, starting from applying your cleaning solution to cleaning tile floors using a steam mop. We have inscribed the basic cleaning instructions below to help you all the way.

1.   Complete vacuuming or sweeping

The primary job while cleaning your floors is to eliminate the solid dust present on the surface. The solid components can cause scratches and damage to your floors while mopping, which is why it is essential to vacuum or dry sweep throughout the floors. Sweeping or vacuuming will easily remove all the dust and dirt from different corners of your floors and hard to reach areas.

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2.   Prepare the cleaning solution

Select an appropriate bucket for this job, especially the ones through which the mop head can easily enter. If you are willing to use dish soap, then fill the bucket with warm water and add two tablespoons of dish soap per gallon. Vinegar may prove to be another effective cleaning solution and is less abrasive than other bleachers. If you desire to apply a vinegar cleaning solution, add a cap full of white vinegar into each gallon of the warm water. You may also opt for a long life all purpose cleaner if you prefer to not sanitize an area too often.

3.   Prepare your mop

Dip the mop into the cleaning solution and wring it properly. Wringing your mops is very important because the mops need to be damp before applying it on the floors. If it is sopping wet, it will spread the dirt all over the floor and hard to do the cleaning. Using a spray mop can also be a convenient job. That is why go through the manufacturer’s instructions before selecting the cleaning method.

4.   Mopping

Mop thoroughly covering every portion of your floorings. If you want to keep track of the areas you have mopped, then work in small sections. If you want to overcome stubborn stains or tough, sticky spots, repeatedly move the mop head over the blemishes by applying more downward pressure. If the spot remains, then try using a sponge or rag rather than applying extra cleaning solutions.

5.   Rinse the Floors

If your cleaning solution has dish soap in it, you will need to rinse the floors with fresh, pure water. The water will remove any leftover soap from your floors and avoid producing any other stains.


Maintaining your floors’ proper cleaning activity is a must duty that can be made simple and fun by following basic instructions. That is why make your life more clean and comfortable by following the recommendations.


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