7 Fundamentals to Brush Up Skills & Advance Your Career


To build a successful career, you need both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the techniques you have to enable you to do the work itself, while soft skills help you create a better environment for your job. Therefore, employers will look at the hard skills in your resume and proven soft skills. Having these two skills helps you become an all-around person that can be in a position to work without any hitches.

Therefore, you must brush up on your hard and soft skills to meet your career goals. But how do you do this? This article will discuss methods you can use to improve your skills and employability.

Tips to Help You Brush Up Your Skills

1) Get feedback on how you are doing

One of the greatest strategies to ensuring that you get a better self is listening to feedback from other people. Take your time to hear what they have to say on your strengths and weaknesses in your work. That way, you will know what you need to work on and where to start.

2) Find yourself a role model

There is that person that you admire in your line of work. You have even had dreams of being where they are in the future. That is the kind of person you need to establish a relationship with so that you get to learn from them. You do not have to copy everything they have done to get to where they are, but you can borrow the integral futures that will help you up the ladder.

3) Work on your communication skills

Remember, you are not working alone. Whether in the office or your field, you will have a team that you work with. How do you communicate with them? Brushing up your communication will help you achieve the following.

  • Ability to speak clearly and precisely.
  • Have positive facial expressions and body language.
  • Skillfulness when writing reports, messages, and other work-related documents.
  • Improve the ability to relay a message through pictures and other audio-visual aids.
  • Improves the ability to listen actively.

4) Improve your leadership and teamwork skills

Employers don’t want people who they will keep telling what to do and what to do. They require a person who can steer a team towards meeting the goals of the company. That means that you stand a better chance to get career growth if you have good leadership skills. Again, you don’t need to be a leader that cannot be a team player.

The whole work environment involves teamwork and therefore means that even you should have the ability to stay put and allow another person to lead you through certain tasks.

5) Read wide

Whether you choose to read books, reviews, journals, or job descriptions, the point is to get something that will sharpen your skills. Social media is also another avenue to get information on what employers are looking for in prospective employees. That will help you keep your resume updated and know what is happening in the job market.

6) Take an online short course

Your degree certificate is not the end of the road for your studies. Come to think of it, almost everybody has a university or college degree today. What are you doing to ensure that you stay competitive in the job market? Some people opt to take certified professional courses, while others take online leadership courses. Others go to the extent of enrolling for their master’s degree, but the main point is getting as many skills as possible.

In the current times, most firms are driven by technology. The same technology keeps evolving. You cannot compare computer literacy in the 90s’ to that of today. It, therefore, means that you have to upgrade your IT skills. For example, an online course such as Azure Fundamentals will help you understand how cloud concepts work.

7) Be a volunteer

If you are not employed, never stay at home in the name of lacking a job. Take an extra step and seek to volunteer in a group or organization that needs your services. You have no idea how much volunteering adds weight to your resume. In most cases, an employer will give you a job when they learn that you have been volunteering in a certain organization as you were looking for work. You could also easily secure a career in the same organization you are volunteering for.

Bottom line

A career is not something you build over a single night. It is a process that needs time and patience. It is like a tree that takes years of growth until it starts to bear fruit. With willingness and the right strategy, you will get the career of your dream in due course.


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