Kirstie Clements: How to Organize your Wardrobe Like a pro


Kirstie Clements: How to Organize your Wardrobe Like a pro

My friend complained about the condition of her wardrobe over the weekend, and how it needed a gigantic theorem, a word that was music in the ear.

I have become a person who likes to organize other people’s fashion cupboards. As an editor for many years, I don’t know what it looks like in this place. spleen I read Marie Kondo, but now it’s a tissue machine.

Corona isolation Many of us Consider again the number of clothing and accessories you actually need..

I just finished the biggest edit in my closet. It took about 10 days to get the perfect job done. I now know where everything is in an instant, everything is suitable, and everything has a purpose.

I bought a beautiful chest inlay drawer from a sword tree of pale lavender decorated with a vase of red roses and a blue velvet stool. I don’t want to leave my room now or dress honestly.

“Can I come and do it for you now?” I volunteered a little hard on my friend voluntarily.

So we were in her bedroom on a Sunday afternoon, two women on a mission, fueled by Diet Coke, and watched by Maltese Shih Tzu.

As you have it, pulling your own stuff is a very difficult exercise.
It’s much easier for others to edit to overcome the nostalgia for unused items by date. I turned into a complete tyrant. I surprised myself, I was ruthless and strong.

We made piles for things that can be thrown away, things that need repair or cleaning, charities, and things that can be sold.

I am the brutally honest fashion advisor. – It does not make your swelling look great.

You have to stand up to the resistance, but if you own 14 long sleeve scoop neck black lycra tops, no matter how much you protest, I’ll keep only three.

The claim that I didn’t win was to keep things too small. As a friend said, he claimed that he would come in again by losing unnecessary kilos. Now call it Nostra Damus, but it doesn’t happen most of the time. It is expected that you will be happy if you lose the extra weight by chance or with patience.

We relocated everything and put it where everything is easily accessible. Because if you don’t see something, you don’t wear it.

I colored all the blouses and tops, reduced my handbag to less than 10, and chose which sunglasses, scarves, or jewelry I could keep.

Wrinkles do not please everyone. Photo:

Mission accomplished! Her wardrobe is not only tidy, but also more refined and you will get more mileage from the fab she forgot. I made her throw everything Miyake wrinkles Because I hate it.

And we are still friends!


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