Ferguson Report: Fake News You Can Trust


Ferguson Report: Fake News You Can Trust

Canon brainer

Thousands of Australians have joined QAnon, a Twitter-banned fringe group that believes the Corona virus is a scam designed to inject fluoride into a fake Mars landing.

In tinfoil leisure suits, QAnon-brainers are anti-lock, anti-mask and vaccine vaccines, but pro-paranoid and pronouns.

QAnon-thinkers think the corona virus is flat. Their brain waves look similar.

QAnon includes various fringe groups.

  • Wine chrysanthemum: Secret, dizzy group with sickness hidden around the house
  • A quasi-psychologist: Spiritual 25% / Website 75%
  • homeopathy: Sleep effect sellers claiming that placebo is the best medicine
  • Apocalyptic predictor: People who predict the end of the world but buy health insurance
  • That guy at the barbecue People who call people “Sheeple” but dress like all other sources

[If you are approached by QAnon, immediately contact your local Lizard Person.]

Trump test time

US President Donald Trump claims to have “acted” the senility test. It’s not clear if he means his slave is “best” or “better than Joe Biden”.

Trump actually took 19 tests, but only remembers them once. He had to say five things starting with F. He answered, “Fake, fake, fake and fake.”

Trump claims that the last five questions are the most difficult. There were only four questions.

Make sure you can pass the test…

What is ‘Ginger’?
A: Biscuit
B: What happens before’Vitis’
C: Sprinkle thick

Is it a giraffe picture or a real giraffe picture?
A: Yes
B: No
C: No

What does POTUS mean?
A: Wear these pants
B: Facts President of Statistics
C: What do I mean? Is that a tricky question?

What is $2 trillion?
A: US Treasury Note this week
B: Fair wage for Trump children
C: Giraffe

The Game Of Thrones Pre-sequence after pre-order

Fans are eagerly looking forward to the first part of the series on Nudi Rom, the bloodthirsty oath. The Game Of Thrones. Unfortunately, the new series of unfortunate events that are more unfortunate than other unfortunate events is called the House of the Dragon-On.

The anonymous background from the show leaked his conversation – “Rhubarb, rhubarb, peas and carrots, peas and carrots”.

Fans look forward to meeting new hosts Goth Characters that fall or fall quickly. Or both. at once. twice.

There are two camps. The Game Of Thrones, Those who insist on everyone not to do it to themselves.

warning: The Game Of Thrones Adults cannot see.

Other news…

  • Orchestra with bad conductors on
  • Electric shock sensor Wizard of Oz Lion is not wearing pants
  • Stop culture test nonstop test pattern
  • Villain looking for a good place to live in the slab keeper
  • STREET MARCHER thinks the difference

Tim Ferguson is a well-known comedian, writer, and TV host and a member of Doug Anthony Allstars. You can follow him on Twitter. Aritaum


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