Top-5 the Most Popular Bike Routes Around New York City article


Top-5 the Most Popular Bike Routes Around New York City article

Those who live or travel to New York are lucky to find an extended cycling infrastructure in the city. With more than 1,200 bike routes for exploring, the only remaining question is the bike. However, due to bike rentals like Fancy Apple, this isn’t a major problem.

We have determined the five most popular bike routes around NYC that any cyclist will enjoy. Prepare your bike, and let’s go.

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Greenway

New York is constantly expanding its biking routes. Thanks to the initiative, cyclists can now enjoy a ride from Atlantic Avenue to Greenpoint. The path isn’t long. It’s only 5.5 miles and will take about 30 minutes. 

During the ride, you will pass through scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park, Old Fulton street, and have a chance to stop by Brooklyn Navy Yard. Moreover, you will pass by the Williamsburg Bridge, Domino Park, East River State Park, and finally reach Greenpoint. The last stop is the Transmitter Park. 

Central Park Loop

If you wonder about things to do near Central Park, we advise you to look inside it. Central Park Loop is an iconic bike trail, which is, by the way, probably the greenest one in the whole NYC. In order to take a look around the whole park, you can enter Columbus Circle, which will give you a tour around all the main sightseeing spots in the park. Among them, the Great Lawn, Belvedere Castle, and the Delacorte Theatre.

Hudson River Greenway

Hudson River Greenway is another scenic route to take. Keep in mind that this one is quite extended: it’s 11 miles and will take about an hour to complete. 

Your journey begins at the Battery, from where you move by the new World Trade Center. The Hudson River will accompany you for a big share of the route. Your destination is the George Washington Bridge. On the way there, you will pass through several parks like Riverside Park and Riverbank State Park.

Ocean Parkway Path

This is a historic route, which was designed back in 1894. Although it’s not quite the same as a century ago, cyclists like it a lot. This is a decent option for those who are scared to ride bike in NYC since it’s the protected line.

The path starts at Prospect Park and extends up to Covey Island. If you love Brooklyn, this is one of the best lines to explore it. It’s not very long: 5 miles only.

Prospect Park Path

This is one of the safest paths you will find in New York. First of all, it’s car-free; therefore, the route is suitable for any cyclist – new and amateur. Secondly, it’s a small loop, which is only 3.4 miles long. Nonetheless, the path can be called iconic as it hosts the NYC Spring Bicycle Racing – a famous annual event.

Safety Rules

NYC is a city with a strong cycling culture: a bicycle is a common means of transportation here. Therefore, the city establishes strict rules to ensure safety on the roads. If you want to join the community and become a sustainable cyclist, you should adhere to them. 

The most important NYC biking laws involve:

  • Adhering to the rules of the road. It means that you should stop at the red light and stop signs. Otherwise, you may get yourself a ticket. 
  • Always show bike signals. Before making a turn, hand-signal for others to know about your next move. 
  • Both earplugs are prohibited – this is out of safety precautions as you need to be well-aware of a situation around.

We wish you safe cycling!


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