Top Tourist Places You Must Visit in 2020


Traveling is fun, and learning, and a kind of treat we deserve every on and off to disconnect from routine life and recharge our souls. Depending on your budget and time availability, and preferences for partying or peace, we have enlisted 20 top travel destinations for 2020.

1) Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Gilgit formally known as Northeren areas is the capital city of the Gilgit-Baltistan region.. Gilgit is one of the most visited tourist destination in northern Pakistan. K2, The world’s highest mountain, Hunza Lake, Khunjerab National Park and Altit Fort are some of the most favorite places for local and international tourists.

2) Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, comprised of two towns, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Luca. These towns are connected by a 20-mile tourist corridor with luxury hotels, resorts, small beaches, night clubs and golf courses and make a popular tourist destination.

3) Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and one of the most famous tourist spots of the world. The Grand Palace, Buddhist temples, Bangkok National Museum and Jim Thompson House are some of the well-known sights for tourists. And if you are a food enthusiast, there are lot of restaurants and 24-hours street side food stalls that will never make you regret a vacation in Bangkok.

4) Paris, France

Paris is the capital city of France where millions of tourists visits every year. Disneyland Paris, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Centre Pompidou are the favorite places for local and international tourists.

5) Singapore

One of the top travel destinations; an apex of development and a hub of various Asian cultures, Singapore has a lot to offer to its visitors in 2020. Ranging from beaches at Sentosa, to modern-day shopping malls, to world famous Universal Studios; the infrastructure and facilities in Singapore make it an ideal vacation island.

6) Rome, Italy

This one holds true for the lover of arts and history. Rome, the capital of Italy is the only city that has the smallest country i.e. the Vetican City inside it. It is also home to great historical monuments like the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basillica, Trevi Fountain and diverse culture. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Italy.

7) South Island, New Zealand

If you are a nature lover and an adventurous soul; South Island is the place to be in 2020. The scenic landscape and the plethora of activities this space offers is mind boggling. Ranging from skydiving, bow and arrow adventure at Nelson Archery park, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, jet boat rides, and boat cruise tours; you can experience it all in New Zealand.

8) Dubai, UAE

For an ultimate vacation ranging from skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Burj ul Arab and others that have no match to desert safari, Dubai is a must to-go place. You can shop your heart out at the world-class malls, have fun splashing around water parks, and have a luxurious time in Atlantis the Palm. Dubai is total fun.

9) New York City, US

This one is too obvious as a top travel destination; that too for obvious reasons. One of the largest megacities, a culmination of financial development, media advancement, cultural heritage, NYC has a lot to offer for an ideal vacation. The city has world’s most famous tourist spots. The fast pace of the city is sure to leave you spell bound as well as inspired.

10) Egypt

Still known as the city of Pharos, Egypt is home to age-old monuments like Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and Valley of the King Tombs along the fertile Nile River. The White Desert National Park will blow your mind but the serene beaches will help you relax, bask in the sun and have an amazing experience.

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11) Elqui Valley, Chile

This long and narrow country along the Western end of South America has some of the most amazing experiences to be untapped. While the very tranquil natural landscape is certainly an edge, the Elqui Valley region offers you pisco tasting opportunities, stargazing nights, horse-riding,  camping. Sounds like a complete package, doesn’t it?

12) England

This is one of the forever green kind of travel destinations. Home to world’s top universities and sites like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, the River Thames and London Eye, Hyde Park, Madame Tussades and several other historical and tourist attractions, England will never disappoint you.

13) Georgia

Located at the junction of Europe and Asia, Georgia is home to four UNESCO World heritage sites, mineral springs, ski resorts, and several other cultural and historical monuments. The country has various climatic zones thus making it a unique choice for vacation.

14) The Grand Canyon

For the adventurous souls yearning to learn and explore geology with some fun and breath –taking views, The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona is the place to be in 2019. It is not just a marvelous work of nature, but also offers hiking trails and good food. The grandeur of the park is sure to leave you mesmerized.

15) Costa Rica

This Central American country has enough bio-diversity to give you a much needed vacation. Beaches, volcanoes, forests as well as cultural institutions make it an ideal learning oriented vacation for you in 2019.

16) Helsinki, Finland

If you want to entertain yourself with endless activities like bird watching, fishing, kayaking, golf, Nordic skiing, cruising, hiking, yachting, hunting as well as cultural activities, this country Finland up North in Europe is the place to see this year!

17) Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is an archipelago of islands in Malaysia. You can enjoy beaches, cable car experience, shopping and amazing food here. It is one of the must see places in East.

18) Istanbul, Turkey

Despite the slight drop in tourist activity for the past 2-3 years, Istanbul, Turkey is still considered a popular travel destination. It has been one of the most popular tourist countries for a long time. Turkey is home to a large number of UNESCO World heritage sites, and also boats hosting two of the seven wonders of ancient world. The hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is one of its kind experience.

19) Nairobi, Kenya

The largest and capital city of Kenya, Nairobi offers a variety of unique experiences for the travellers. If you want to witness and enjoy wild life like rhinos, giraffes, lions and zebras; Nairobi has all the right national parks and safari trips. You may also get a chance to closely see the different flavors of tribal life.

20) The Andaman Islands

This is an ultimate tourist destination if you really want to escape from life worries and find solace in clear water beaches, coconut trees, and tropical mangroves. This chain of island is located between India and Thailand and is an ideal place for people looking for peace.

Happy traveling!



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